Speaker Mindset Course

 This course focuses on developing a powerful, focused and successful speaker mindset which a key ingredient in becoming a highly, in-demand, professional speaker.  



What you'll learn

The mindset of a successful speaker that allows to overcome fear, and that attitude of mind that is required to build resiliency, courage, and determination in building a successful speaking business and building self-esteem and confidence as a speaker


Course description

This course contains the Adam's mental tools and strategies on how he developed his own personal speaking business from scratch. Here's what Adam has in store for you:

Course Outline

  • Leader vs. Follower Mindset
  • Mental Affirmations
  • Reactive vs. Proactive Mindset
  • The Habit of Developing Mental Discipline
  • 8 Beliefs that Create the Successful Speaker Mindset 

Live Video Training, PDF Worksheets, Audio Downloads, and Teaching from Your Speaking Coach, Adam White

Additional Resources

  • Download and complete the worksheets, which are located in the training modules' Downloads section. These downloads and assessments will help you pinpoint where you should focus your mental energy in order to build a successful speaking business while improving your thought life. 
  • Download the audio files for each module (located in the Downloads section) and listen to this training anytime, anywhere!
  • Share your successes! Post your lessons and goals on social media with #amplifyyourself and #adamwhiteuniversity to get shoutouts! I'm here to help you, coach you and cheer you on every step of the way
  • Get Speaker Coaching You don't have to do it alone my friend. Get Adam’s 8-week speaker coaching program for your branding, business model, message, and take your speaking business to the next level in 8 weeks or less. 
  • Get Cracked but not Broken: Make sure to grab your copy of Cracked but not Broken (while supplies last)! Take the life to the NEXT level with this powerful book on Self-Image, Self-confidence and rebounding from failure and external influence.
  • Join Adam's Monthly Coaching & Courses: Get Adam as your Virtual Personal Development Coach with monthly courses and coaching delivered to your inbox and members areas every single month.  Don't leave your professional & personal development to chance or luck. Take charge of your life and develop the skills, mindset, and beliefs you need to succeed. Influence, Overcoming fear, Purpose, Mindset, Beliefs, Leadership, Management, are just a few of the areas Adam will coach you in. 
  •  Take Adam's Online Course: "Made for Greatness: The 7 Habits" and learn to develop the 7 powerful habits that will transform your life, your relationship and your results. Adam teaches the 7 habits that Unlock Greatness Within in 7 dynamic modules.
  •  Get The Made For Greatness Book: The 7 Habits that Unlock Greatness Within. Grab a copy of Adam's book Made for Greatness: The 7 Habits and develop the habits that will transform your life
  •  Take the Amplify Your Brand online course and learn how to brand yourself and your business as a professional speaker. Includes 5 modules of teaching, tools, and strategies to take your speaking brand to the next level
  •  Take the Amplify Your Business online course and learn how to develop the Speaker that resides in you. Adam will teach you in 5 modules how to develop yourself as a professional speaker first in order to build a successful speaking business

Watch the videos, take notes, join the conversation in the Comments section and out on social media!

Every day is one more day gone from your calendar. Chose to be great today! This is your time my friend! 


Enroll now. 


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