It's time to Amplify Your Voice, Your Gift, Your Message. The World Needs to Know Who You Are.


You need the right guidance and the right advice to start, improve, expand, grow, and develop your voice and speaking business. Meet your new coach!

He is an in-demand national speaker that has spoken to hundreds of organizations across the country, thousands of audience members and coached top leaders, managers, influences, aspiring speakers, authors, coaches. He is a 4-time author, online course creator, founder of AW Empowers, Inc and Adam White University. Now Adam White can be YOUR virtual Speaker Coach! 

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Let Adam and his team do it for you:

  • Define your message, mission, ministry, gift and target your speaking business to the right market with bulls-eye accuracy.
  • Package, position, market yourself so you can become a high in-demand paid professional speaker.
  • Develop the 9 Skills every successful Professional speaker has mastered.
  • Use Adam's email templates, tools, strategies to book paid speaking engagements on a consistent basis.
  • Learn the system that Adam used to take his speaking business from 0 to over 6 figures a year in speaking fees alone.
  • How to monetize your streams of income as a speaker (books, online courses, e-book, audio files,etc.)
  • Build the speaking business not just on the stage but the back office infrastructure that includes automation, funnels and business systems that allow you to make money while you sleep.
  • How to build to business side speaking as strongly as the speaking side
  • Develop the right mindset, belief, and confidence to be a highly sought-after speaker
  • Overcome the fear of speaking and how to bring confidence, clarity command to a audience in just minutes
  • And so much more to build a Successful Speaking Business.


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You know you have a message to share right?

You have something in your heart calling you to speak into the lives of others.

You may have been already working hard trying to put yourself out there as a speaker, and still not have the abundance and success at this stage of your life

It's time to stop spinning your wheels trying to figure this speaking thing out on your own

Sometimes we all need help with trying to do what we really want to do. We need someone who has done that and been there before which will shorten our learning curve and get us to a successful speaking business quicker

That is why this day and moment is so important for you

Today, I am offering to coach and train you on the same tools, strategies that I have learned as a successful speaker and have taught to many other aspiring speakers. 

I am unique in that I am not a digital marketer, or just another guru on social media trying to sell you a program. I am a really paid professional speaker that travels the country every year speaking to audiences and making an real impact in the lives of others. 

You can follow me on social media and see my travels, my speaking and real proof that I am a real person, a real speaker, that has a real speaking business that I have built from scratch to over 6 figures in income from speaking fees alone. 

That's not including online course sales and book sales. 

It's time to get serious about your gift, your talent, and your ability to speak and turn your randomness into solid action that will take your speaking business to the next level and into earning serious income. 

I will share my insights, wisdom, and even give you my tools, email templates and strategies for building a successful speaking business from A to Z. 

Don't just trust my words, but trust the voice that is in your heart that says it's time to level up. 

It's time to clarify your purpose and focus your efforts, so you can achieve more fulfillment and life a life a freedom

What is it? 

I have hand-crafted 3 powerful online courses that will speak to every part of your speaking, 

Course 1 - Amplify Your SELF, Course 2 - Amplify Your BRAND, Course 3 - Amplify Your BUSINESS 

I have pulled out all the stops. I have left anything out. You can build a successful speaking business from these 3 course alone.. 

But I didn't stop there, I am also offering personal coaching, if you don't know where to start or take the courses and still need help, direction, advice. I got you! 

Lastly, I have created "DO IT FOR YOU" services where I and my team will do the work for you. Need to build a website, need to develop a new product or service, need to write a book, need to create a keynote speech, need your brand and business evaluated. I got you covered. 

These are just a few of the Do it For You services I am offering to help you build your speaking business quickly. 

You have a wealth of wisdom right in front of you. You have not option but to be successful when you take my complete, "Amplify Your Voice Speaking System" 

The time for change is now. 

You can do this and I am your coach to hold you accountable and make sure you win. 

Start here and start now. Don't waste another moment thinking about it, wishing for it, praying about it. Let's get you going today. 

Do what you must do now, so you can live like other people can't later. 

Welcome to Amplify Your Voice Speaker System. I am your coach, Adam White. Sign up today! 

Choose Your "Do It For You" Service Now!

Today you get to choose a speaker coach who has impacted the lives of thousands of people across the country. A truly                    in-demand, sought-after speaker

People pay $10,000 for just a half day to work with Adam individually. You get Adam as YOUR virtual speaker coach in these courses, coaching and do it for you services.


Let Adam's team help you design a high quality professional website branded just for you. Up to 5 Custom pages designed for you on Wix platform. 


  • Initial consultation
  • Website Design (up to 5 pages & includes 2 edits per page)
  • Domain Name creation
  • Page Designs & Layouts
  • Built on easy WIX usable platform
  • Ready to Market Professional Speaker Website

Website designers list prices range $3,000 - $6,000.

Just $997                                                    


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Kajabi Page Builder

Kajabi is the platform of choice by top influencers for courses, books, products, webinars, funnels, automation. The one stop software for your back office infrastructure used by Adam White

Adam and his team will help you build Kajabi pages that create your speaker back office infrastructure for your products, books, courses and more. Automated funnels that put your business on auto-pilot so you can do more time doing what you love...Speaking Live

  • Includes 28 days of free Kajabi Membership
  • Kajabi pages designed and built for you
  • Funnels and automations designed and built for you
  • (2) modification included per page
  • (2) hours of Kajabi Training to shorten your learning curve  

Page Designer - $50 per page

Funnel Builder - $75 per funnel

Website Page Builder  $197 per website



Do you have a email responder in place to communicate and contact potential clients and meeting planners? Without an effective email responder you will spend alot of time sending emails by hand and take the slow path to getting booked as a professional speaker

Let Adam and his team get you going in the right direction with Mail Chimp, one of the most widely used auto-responders by experts, coaches, speakers and online influencers.

Established Account creation and setup

(2) hours of Mail Chimp Training: sending email campaigns, scheduling emails, created email templates and more

Designing Templates   

Value of $299, just $97                                                                      

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Are you struggling to find your message, your voice, your brand, your audience or your target market. Adam and his team will help you craft the perfect brand and message that grabs the attention of meeting planners and organizations across the nation. 

Message Development

Brand Development

Marketing Development

Topic Alignment 

Image Branding                              

Over $2,000 value for just $297



You can spend alot of time bouncing ideas around, working on the perfect website, changing topics, and trying to build a successful speaking brand. 

Adam and his team will take your brand and speaking business through a complete Brand/Business Critique, give valuable feedback, and a final critique once changes have been made. Do go it alone, take the guess work out of building a great brand and speaking business

Brand Evaluation / Critique

Message/Topic Evaluation

Website Evaluation

Image, Marketing Copy evaluation

Over $5,000 worth of value for just $297

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Have you created online courses, written that book, created digital products for sale. Products are the intellectual property of your speaking business and the credibility of your brand. 

Let Adam and his team help you turn your idea or concept into a completed product for your speaking business. 

(1) hour of creative discussion

(1) hour of review, critique, rough draft of product

Creative direction and ideas

Product design, product creation, and product development

Turn your talent, skill, ideas into profitable products and services

3 hours of product development for just $497 per product

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Do you have a standard speaking agreement that is tailored to what you want as a speaker? Do you know how to negotiate for the fees you want? Do you understand the difference between "free" and "no-fee" speaking? Do you know when to pass on a speaking engagement and when you should reduce your fees to generate future business?  

Adam and his team will help you with speaking agreements, negotiations, and make sure your professionalism shines through in your speaking agreements. 

$50 per speaking agreement



All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful SPEAKING Business

Adam has handcrafted and designed 3 powerful courses, coaching, and do it for you services that empower you to create, start, improve, expand, grow and execute a successful speaking business now.

Join today and start making an impact and income that you want and deserve.

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Course 1: Amplify Your SELF


Develop The Speaker Within

  • 5 Modules of Live Video Training
  • PDF Worksheets
  • 5 Audio & Video Downloads
  • Over 5 hours of teaching
  • Tips & Tools of the Speaking Business Bonus Teaching
  • Templates, Tools & Strategies
  •  Over $1000 Value of Training

Course 2: Amplify Your BRAND


The World Needs To Know Who You Are

  • 8 Modules of Live Video Training
  • PDF Worksheets
  • 8 Audio & Video Downloads
  • Over 8 hours of teaching
  • Tips & Tools of the Speaking Business Bonus Teaching
  • Templates, Tools & Strategies
  •  Over $1000 Value of Training

Course 3: Amplify Your BUSINESS


Monetize The Mission

  • 5 Modules of Live Video Training
  • PDF Worksheets
  • 5 Audio & Video Downloads
  • Over 5 hours of teaching
  • Tips & Tools of the Speaking Business Bonus Teaching
  • Templates, Tools & Strategies
  • Over $1000 Value of Training

The "AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE" Total Speaker System

All 3 Powerful Courses in ONE. Get Amplify Your SELF, Amplify Your BRAND, and Amplify Your SPEAKING BUSINESS in one concise program that transform you and your speaking into a repeatable system that will earn substantial income for the rest of your life. This system will take you from where you are now to becoming a Successful Professional Speaker with Consistent Clients and Consistent Income for the rest of your Life.

Over $2000 of Value for Just $997


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Message. Mission. Money

  • Over 18 hours of Live Video Training
  •  PDF Worksheets
  • Over 18 Audio & Video Downloads
  • Over 18 hours of teaching 
  • Tips & Tools of the Speaking Business Bonus Teaching
  • Templates, Tools & Strategies
  • Over $3,000 Value of Training


You don't have to go it alone. Adam and his team will personally coach you into speaking success in less than 8 weeks. Learn more about Adam's Speaker Coaching Program. 

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